History of Stratford Area Sign

Sign along State Route 28 at Stratford reads,

History of the Stratford Area

Indians raomed along Crab Creek in Stratford to
gather roots and other food. The main Indian trail
came past Stratford across the creek. The Indian
trail branched here & one went past Pinto Dam.
Lt. Symons came past here while laying out Military
Wagon Rd. from Ft. Walla Walla to Camp Chelan in
1879. Old Wagon Rd. from Waterville to Ritzville
came past here in 1888. Railroad built in 1892.
Early Apple Orchards were irrigated from Brook
Lake in late 1890’s. Pumphouse still standing.
Stratford platted in 1903. Crab Lake drained
by local pioneers in 1909 for farming purposes.

Grant County Historical Society

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