Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area





The Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area covers 15,266 acres and is part of the Quincy Unit of the North Columbia Basin State Wildlife Recreation Area. Recreational opportunities include boating, hunting, water sports, fishing, and camping. Fish species include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, yellow perch, and crappie.

Lakes located in the Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area,

  • Ancient Lake
  • Burke Lake
  • Caliche Lakes
  • Cascade Lake
  • Cliff Lake
  • Crater Lake (in Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area)
  • Cree Lake
  • Crystal Lake (in Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area)
  • Cup Lake (in Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area)
  • Dot Lake (in Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area)
  • Dusty Lake
  • Evergreen Reservoir
  • Flat Lake
  • George Lake
  • H Lake
  • Martha Lake
  • Quincy Lake
  • Spring Lakes
  • Stan Coffin Lake

Camping available at the following locations,

  • Ancient Lake, tent camping only
  • Western side of Burke Lake
  • Caliche Lakes
  • Martha Lake
  • Dusty Lake
  • Multiple spots at the Evergreen Reservoir
  • H Lake
  • Quincy Lake
  • Stan Coffin Lake

Quincy Lake is handicap accessible.

With the exception of a small area located east of the city of George and another small area northwest of Quincy, the Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area is located throughout an area with State Route 28 to the north, the Columbia River on the west, State Route 181 on the east, and Interstate 90 to the south.

Nine access points can be found along State Route 281, there is an access point four miles south of George on South Frontage Road, three access points west of Quincy along State Route 28, and one access point west of George on Exit 143 off Interstate 90.

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