Presidential visits from Washington D.C to Sweden

Presidential visits are always serious business, even if they are just made out of courtesy. The seriousness comes when the Number One Citizen of the country is on a visiting trip, and the stakes are even higher when the country in question is the United States.


On two occasions, the man in the oval office has been on a presidential visit to Sweden; in 2001, President George W. Bush was the first to visit Gothenburg, Sweden, as he attended a meet between The United States and the European Union. He met with King Carl Gustav and the then Prime Minister Goran Persson.


President Barack Obama was the next to visit Sweden, meeting with King Carl XVI Gustaf and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and presidents and leaders of other countries in the Nordic region. The trip was for an event set up to honor Raoul Wallenberg, and it was held at the Great Synagogue of Stockholm in 2013.


The level of detail put into making these visits happen can only be described as perfection to a T. Luxury, comfort, and privacy are usually the status quo for trips like this. However, you don’t have to be president to enjoy this kind of five-star treatment— you only need to move with the right scene.

Taking a trip to Stockholm, Sweden? Maybe it’s for business, or you’re attending a corporate meet. Wouldn’t you preferably travel in style?

Mr. Charles in Sweden is your best bet. Offering you the best travel and trip services for visits to Sweden, you can move as The Number One Citizen does. After all, you already are the number one Citizen in your world.


Mr. Charles delivers top quality services made, especially for today’s modern and unique executive. Traveling in business or first class doesn’t even cut it anymore, and so with these services, you get to fly like the Leader you are— in your own private jet. It doesn’t end there. The luxury service doesn’t just see you live a premium lifestyle while you travel; it continues for the duration of your trip, and even till you’re finished with all your business.

Every service is designed to look tailored like it was meant just for you, and indeed Mr. Charles is your personal service provider. With a dedicated team tasked with ensuring your trips to Sweden are nothing but stellar for you and your companions, it does feel like there is no one else — you’re all that matters. What you want to make your trip all the more special? That’s exactly what you will get!

Travel in style and privacy

Experience what it feels like to travel by air in luxury and class with a chartered private jet, just for you. With the snap of a finger, you can travel anywhere in Sweden or abroad in a jet fully serviced to treat you like the royalty that you are and at your time. No delays to your schedule. Connecting flights? Long queues? They are not for you.

With just a call or email, you can make your bookings, and the rest is history. You get any jet of your choosing; because Mr. Charles offers the very best.


Drive in style and comfort

As it is in the air, so it is on land. Mr. Charles offers the very best in chartered limousine services, so trips around Sweden are covered with all the suave that you desire. At nine meters long and with the capacity to hold the right passengers comfortably, you do not only feel like the star ace and the very best; you arrive in style, sending jaws dropping as you step out at your destination.

With a bar stocked to taste, premium leather seats, and a chromed ceiling that makes the entire room look like the stuff of dreams, Mr. Charles’s stretched car services are simply the best for any adventures you want to take from Arlanda to Stockholm.


Sail like A King

What better way to coast through the Stockholm archipelago than in a state of the art yacht? Mr. Charles provides the best sea Queens to take through Stockholm by the water. Enjoy a private trip or embark on a one of a kind tour as you sail through Sweden.


Fly With Your Own Chopper

Taking short trips through Sweden? Are you tired of the roads? You deserve the best of LUXURY, and Mr. Charles offers helicopter services to get you through the country at your own time and schedule.


You deserve luxury… Live it

Event management. Personal shopping. Private chauffeur services. Mansion rentals

Everything you need to make your trip to Sweden as elegant as you deserve it, all with Mr. Charles in Sweden. You are just a booking away from the true executive lifestyle.

The Number One Citizen deserves just that much.

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